Trail Conditions

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2018-19 Sunapee Region

Think Snow 

2017-18 Season

A brief thaw & rain event is coming to many snowbelt areas between now and the weekend. It threatens to damage the durable trail base clubs have been working so hard to establish. Snowmobilers can help protect this base by staying off the trails until temperatures go below freezing again.
It’s simple – if you want great trails for the rest of the season, stay off for the next 48 hours.
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We will be out grooming over the weekend. The area got between 7″-16″ which will greatly improve our trails. We may have some trees down due to the wind so please advise if any trail issues are found. Get out if you can and ride, this will take some of the air out of this fluffy snow and make the groomers job a lot easier, and provide a better packed trail. Lake Sunapee is still not safe.

4-6″ basse Trails are open, use caution, early season conditions exist. Watch for rocks and down trees, stumps etc. All trails are groomed. There are still open bodies of water on the lake. Ice/lakes are NOT safe to ride on.

Trails are closed till Christmas storm. Lots of running water under the snow. Mash potatoes right now. Stay off tomorrow and then cold takes over with more snow. I know you are all itching but it will save this great base we have. We can groom it flat from there.

We will be getting out over the weekend and beginning to establish trails with the Tuckers and open remaining gates. Grooming will commence after the Christmas Day storm. Need to pack down the snow we get before we start pulling the drag. Sunapee is still open water and lakes are still not safe. Be careful and advise on any trail issues. Casey Brennan 
2016-17 Season

As of right now there is a large open body of water in Lake Sunapee that is sort of between Pine Cliff Rd. off 103A, and Lakewood Manor Rd. off Rt. 103.  (from NH Fish and Game)

Lake Sunapee has several areas still not safe and also has two large pressure ridges about 3 ‘ high. Be careful, and know where you are.

Despite recent snowfall trails are still marginal at best. We cannot groom until we get more snow. Hazards and obstacles exist. The ice is NOT safe. If you ride, please be careful.

Gates are open. Trails will be packed and groomed through the weekend. Be careful of hidden obstacles. The ice is NOT safe! Have fun and Happy New Year!

2015-16 season

Trail Conditions: Sunday Jan 17, 2016. Officially trails are closed pending SNOW! If you do ride be careful and beware of dangers: rocks, stumps, open water and icy spots. No grooming until we get enough snow.

2014-15 Season

Spring conditions, be aware of water bars and trail hazards. Grooming is suspended until more snow, but gates still open. Parking at State Beach in Newbury and Jones Rd sandpit off if Route 114 in Bradford.

Be careful entering Lake Sunapee at George’s Mills. The lake has begun to open up and water and slush has formed.

6-12″ packed powder and 3″ new snow. Trails are being groomed and riding is good to excellent. Parking at State Beach at Lake Sunapee and Jones Road sandpit off of Route 114 in Bradford.

6-8″ packed powder with 10″ of new snow. Trails are being groomed. Parking at Jones Road sandpit in Bradford and State Beach in Newbury

8-12″ base and 9-14″ new snow. Groomers will be out this week. Parking at the State Beach and Jones Road sandpit in Bradford.


Anyone who rides on Lake Sunapee be aware of a big pressure ridge that runs out of Sunapee Harbor just south of the lighthouse and goes straight across the lake to Soo Nippi Park.

New snow fall is being packed and groomed and this will continue for the next few days in preparation for weekend riding. Be aware of ice at Ryder Corner Road and Sleeper Road areas (trail 394).

Trail 390 from Lake Todd to Sutton is closed due to land owner request. Please find an alternative route to Andover and Mount Keasarge areas.

10-14″ of new snow. Groomers will be out over the next few days. Parking at Jones Road sandpit off of Route 114 in Bradford and at Lake Sunapee State Beach.

 3-4″ of snow and the gates are now open. Grooming will commence once we receive more snow. Ride with caution and let us know of any trail issues. 

Trails are not open. Still waiting for a significant snow fall.

end of 2013-14 season
Trails are closed. 

Trails are being groomed for the weekend. Expect ice on corners and hills.

Trails are icy. Ride with caution.

6-12″ base with excellent riding and trails groomed. Several inches of new snow today. Logging operation still underway along Primary Trail 380 off of Forest Street in Bradford. Sewer Treatment trail  in Sunapee is open but proceed with caution since work is still underway.

8-10″ base and trails are being packed. Sewer Treatment plant trail is open but proceed with caution. Watch for ice.

4-8″ base with 3-4″ of new snow over the weekend. Trails still have hazards and are icy on hills and run off areas. There is a logging operation between Forest Street and Howlett Street in Bradford. They are skidding logs on the trail so ride cautiously. The trail between the  sewer treatment plant and Sleeper Road is open on weekends. Parking at the State Beach in Newbury and the sandpit on Jones Road in Bradford.


Most trails have been groomed and some water bars have reopened but are now frozen. Beware of ice throughout the trail system. Saturday they are forecasting rain so get out and ride before the warm up.

 On trail 391- a logging/excavation site is occurring in Sunapee near the sewer treatment plant and Sleeper Road. We will know better next week as to how this will affect the trail and is currently impassible. There is also a logging operation between Forest Street and Howlett Street in Bradford. They are skidding logs on the trail so ride cautiously.


0-5″ inch base. Rain has opened up some small brooks and cold temps have hardened the trail. Grooming will continue as weather allows.


Some trails were groomed today. They are in good condition but snow depth is minimal. Beware of icy spots, rocks and other hazzardous/uncovered objects. Use caution crossing “frozen” water, ice safety has not been determined.

The trails are open, however please stay Off the trails until the base is better established and we get more snow. Thanks